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OrFlask | Tissue Culture Flasks with Plug Seal Cap

Orange Scientific’s advanced, high-quality Tissue Culture Flasks guarantee an even surface refinement in the growth zone. The special surface treatment − no chemicals are used − provides an optimal growth surface.

Vent stop position allows easy stopping of the cap in the Vent position, and ensures perfect repetition from flask to flask.

25cm² Flasks Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
75cm² Flasks Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
175cm² Flasks Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Key Features

  • Made of USP VI class virgin Polystyrene, high clarity and toughness, high light transferability with minimal light distortion
  • Easy-to-read volume scale
  • Optimum optical clarity for microscope observation
  • Easy and safe stacking
  • Packaged in ‘peel off’ bags to ease opening and are resealable thus preventing contamination
  • Flasks are certified as having been sterilised by gamma radiation
  • Flasks are certified as being DNA and RNA free
  • Flasks are certified as having an endotoxin level of <0.5 EU/ml
  • All certificates are available upon request

4410100N 25cm² Flask 25 50 10 200
4410200N 75cm² Flask 75
250 5 100
4410300N 175cm² Flask 175 650 5 40

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